Pilot Awards & Qualifications

Image Award Name Award Description Details
US Naval AviatorAwarded to US Navy & Marine Corp Pilots -
USAF AviatorAwarded to US Airforce Pilots -
RCAF AviatorAwarded to RCAF Pilots -
Luftwaffe PilotAwarded to Pilots of the Luftwaffe -
RAF PilotAwarded to RAF Pilots -
RAAF PilotAwarded to RAAF Pilots -
OP Northern ShieldAwarded for OP NS Participation Summer 14 -
OP Casus BelliAwarded for OP CB Participation Oct 2014 - Mar 2015 -
OP Asian AnvilAwarded for OP AA Participation Summer 2015 -
EX 8-BallAwarded for EX 8-Ball Participation Fall 2015 -
OP Rolling ThunderAwarded for OP RT Participation Winter 2016 -
Passed TrainingAwarded to Pilots who have passed the check flight. -
One YearAwarded to Pilots for being members for One Year -
Two YearAwarded to Pilots for being members for Two Years -
Three YearAwarded to Pilots for being members for Three Years -
Four YearAwarded to Pilots for being members for Four Years -
Five YearAwarded to Pilots for being members for Five Years -
OP AnakondaAwarded for Pilot Participation in OP Anakonda -
OP CigarAwarded to Pilots participating in OP Cigar 2016 -
OP HERRICK 18Awarded for participation in OP HERRICK 18 -
Ten YearAwarded to pilots with ten years of service -
Nine YearAwarded to pilots with nine years of service -
OP Ocean ShieldAwarded to pilots who participated in Op Ocean Shield -
OP RumanAwarded for participation in OP Ruman -
Seven YearAwarded to pilots with Seven Years of Service -
EX SNOW GOOSE 17Awarded for participation in EX SNOW GOOSE 17 -
Eight YearAwarded to pilots with eight years of service -
Six YearAwarded to pilots with six years of service -
OP Guardian OverwatchAwarded to pilots with 3+ missions -
RED FLAG 2019Awarded for participating in 5 or more missions -
OP Stalwart PresenceAwarded for OP Stalwart Presence Participation Summer 2019 -
OP HAMMERHEADAwarded for OP HAMMERHEAD Summer 2020 -