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Current Operation - OP Stalwart Presence 2019

This Operation is located in the Persian Gulf based on existing tensions between the factions in the area. Ramping up threats between nations in the area, pilots will have to navigate the airspace over the most dangerous shipping lanes in the world. Units will be based at OMDM or CV69 in the Gulf.

This OP uses FSX@War with CCP, JoinFS and of course TacPack in order to fully immerse pilots, and provide additional challenges during missions.

Images and video will be posted to Facebook - check them out!

Operation Rolling Thunder (2015) Ordinance Calculations

Want to see how much we dropped during a typical Air-Ground Operation? Have a look!

FSX@War Has Arrived

FSX@War and CCP are used for all of our Operations.

Add-ons to FSX@War and CCP are being integrated into our Ops. This provides our members with the leading edge in sim experience during Operations. Thanks to recent add-ons like FSCAI, we've upped the pressure on pilot skills, navigating the unfriendly skies! Missions force pilots to fly together in order to reach objectives, and utimately survive mission flights!

MAS Upgrades

Upcoming Operations

MAS is always planning for new Operations

We frequently create 2-4 Operations per year that involve multiple Squadrons for maximum participation.