Latest Operation News

Next Operation - To Be Announced

We've just wrapped up OP Ocean Shield this spring and are applying lessons learned to future operations.

The next big MAS Operation will be posted this fall! Typically they run a month or more with multiple sorties per week!

Images are being posted to Facebook regularly - check them out!

Operation Rolling Thunder (2015) Ordinance Calculations

Want to see how much we dropped during a typical Air-Ground Operation? Have a look!

FSX@War Has Arrived

FSX@War and CCP are used for all of our Operations

The release of FSX@War has allowed our Squadrons to integrate mission objects into our new Operations! Want to start your flight on the deck of a Carrier? Need moving targets to hit? Join us for operations anytime!

MAS Upgrades

Upcoming Operations

MAS is always planning for new Operations

We frequently create 2-4 Operations per year that involve multiple Squadrons for maximum participation.