Military Air Simulation - Joining FAQs

How to I apply?

There is a three step process to joining MAS.  This is done to ensure quality candidates and prevent spamming of our forums.

  1. Register on the forums here

  2. Once registered, you must choose an option for pilot application:

    1. PILOT - select a squadron that flies aircraft you have and timezone that is close to when you fly

    2. SQUADRON - when you and two others (new or existing MAS members) wish to create a new Squadron

  3. Await response from Admin`s (typically a couple of days) with joining instructions

I have not received an email confirmation - what went wrong?

If you have applied on the forums and you have not received an email requesting confirmation of your registration - it is likely that the email has gone to your Spam/Junk folder, or you had entered your email address incorrectly.

To fix - check your spam/junk folder or

         - send an email to MilitaryAirSimulation@gmail.com and we will correct your registration

I completed an application - what happens now?

There is a review process which typically takes a couple of days.  It consists of Administrative checks, and then the file is forwarded to the CO of the Squadron you wish to join for intake review.  We may also ask you for some further details or clarification about your application as well, to ensure that it is processed accurately.

Where do I get my joining instructions?

Log into the forums and check your private messages.  There, once you have been approved, you will find a private message with all the information required to get you started in MAS.  The Private Messaging system is the primary means of communication between pilots and Commanding Officers / Administrators.

If you have not received a response to your application after 3 days - send an email to MilitaryAirSimulation@gmail.com 

Do I have to fly the aircraft on the roster of the Squadron I`m joining?


Can I join more than one Squadron at the same time?


Can I change Squadrons at a later date?

-Yes with approval of receiving CO

I want to create a new Squadron - what is required?

-3 pilots (existing MAS members, or new pilots)

-one must be designated as a CO

-mirroring an existing or disbanded actual unit - with its air frames

I joined a while ago, and now I cannot log in or log a flight

After 30 days, a new pilot is stricken from the roster if he/she is inactive and has not registered a flight.  MAS requires a minimum of 1 flight every 30 days.

Still have questions?

Send an email to MilitaryAirSimulation@gmail.com