The Tradition

The Tradition

Traditionally Military Virtual Airlines (MVA's) have offered their members a representation of a particular Service (Army, Navy or Air Force) and of the Aircraft and Squadrons that are contained within the service. MVA's would then look to offer sorties and services that would be representative of their real world counterparts.

Some would fly on networks like VATSIM and IVAO, others preferred using their own server hardware to offer flight environments to their members. Either way normally MVA's are managed with a Military style hierarchy with set rules on what and where you can fly to ensure that the up most realism is kept during flight operations.

The Concept

The MAS Concept

Military Air Simulation (MAS) is a MVA that incorporates some of the traditional features but tries to offer more flexibility in other areas. We run on our own private server hardware which allows us to dictate our own terms for flying, unlike flying within Special Operations Environments on the likes of VATSIM. We do also have a basic military style hierarchy (MAS Admins at the Top, Squadron Commanders and Squadron Pilots). This allows some sort of organisation and easy way to ensure important decisions that effect MAS are made correctly. However this is where the similarities end...

Rather than representing or being based/themed on a single service we offer the ability to fly for any service around the world. This means that we can offer members a huge range of options in terms of Squadrons to join and Aircraft to fly. If you have a favourite Aircraft, we probably have a Squadron flying it.... and if we don't...would you like to start one?

We try to keep things relaxed and have few rules restricting flying. You can essentially fly anywhere anytime. We do ask you stick to Squadron Aircraft, and also give CO's the remit to establish their own Squadron level rules if they see fit. This allows a range of options for Pilots with some Squadrons operating strictly by the book, other being more relaxed.

Membership Options

Membership Options

We offer two membership options to persons OVER 16, firstly the more traditional option of joining a currently established squadron and flying with them. Secondly we offer the option to be able to submit an application to start a new Squadron, something that's quite unique in the VA World.

The Squadron application option is quite useful in some scenarios when maybe you have a group of friends that fly together? Maybe for some reason the VA you fly with has folded and you want to continue flying with the friends you made there and need a new home? Maybe your favourite Squadron or Aircraft isn't represent?

Pilot Application Route

Join as a Pilot     Choose a Squadron     Go Through Flight Training (Optional)     Join and Fly with your Chosen Squadron

Squadron Application Route

Apply for a Squadron     Does your Squadron Meet the Criteria?     Staff Review     If Accepted, Squadron Setup


Our Facilities

As of 2022 We offer our members dedicated FSX environments and JoinFS for P3D/MSFS users to join in on the fun!

We offer two (2) hosted FSX (Steam Edition) Sessions, meaning they are run in a proper server, and are available 24/7.

All servers sessions run with TacPack and can be utilized for FSX@War as well as CCP missions (or Operations).

We also have our own dedicated Teamspeak 3 Server used for voice communications whilst in flight.

Finally we have our forum/website systems including our flight tracking software all of which is designed to give members as many features for them to use as possible. These features are always under development so new features arrive all the time.

The Future

The Future

In 2022 MAS, with help from its members and Admin's will continue to develop and grow. We aim to continue to try and offer the cutting edge of flight simulation community to our members. We are continuing research and testing into various add-on's, as well as a number of new aircraft. In addition, testing the latest MSFS as military aircraft are added to the simulator.

  • Full Scale Operations -MAS is always setting up and running new Operations and Exercises to keep our pilots busy. Check out our Ops Page to see what is going on!
  • We continue to strive for a good selection of well populated Squadrons

What we Aren't!

MAS has a very clear vision for its future and we want to be clear about the services we offer by clarifying exactly what we don't offer.

  • We Don't Offer a Public Flight Server - Our Flight Sessions are for Our Members Use Only
  • We Don't Offer a Public Teamspeak - Our Teamspeak is for Member Use Only
  • We Don't Offer Services for External VA's to use - We are our own VA not a VA Service Provider.

So if this concept appeals to you then head over to the Registration page and Sign up! or email us at MilitaryAirSimulation for more info.