MAS New Squadrons

New MAS Squadrons

Re-Opening of the MAS Training School!

The Training School has re-opened to provide a learning environment for new pilots (or new to Virtual Military Organizations). The program will get you ready for placement into an active Operational Squadron, so as to be able to participate in Exercises and Operations!

  • We are always recruiting, check out our active Squadrons!
  • Don't see a Squadron you want? Have a couple of buddies? Sign up a new Squadron!

Current Operations

Latest Operation - Operation Ocean Shield Jan-May 2017

Operations were conducted throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans, providing International Support against merchant vessel piracy and terrorism. Squadrons involved included 409 Sqn RCAF, RAF Combined Wing, Swiss Air Force 11 and 17 Squadrons, as well as VFA-142. This was a tactical Operation utilizing FSX@War CCP missions, static targets, and Air-Air practice. We do a couple of Operations every year! Check out our Active OP Page for more details, and check us out our latest photos on Facebook as well!

FSX@War Has Arrived

FSX@War and CCP Use in Servers!

The release of FSX@War Carrier and Convoy Planner has allowed our Squadrons to integrate mission objects into our new Operations! Want to start your flight on the deck of a Carrier? Need moving targets to hit? We are adding convoys, targets, and carrier fleets on our TacPack Servers during Ops - regularly!

MAS Upgrades

MAS Upgrades

MAS is always evolving, based on new technology or software that is available.

MAS is testing FSCAI for use with CCP and FSX@War Platforms - making our Ops even more difficult! We test new airframes and new add-ons all the time!

We currently have two FSX STEAM based TacPack servers available 24/7.

We also have our own dedicated Teamspeak 3 Server used for voice communications whilst in flight, but also to chew the fat with other members and have some fun.

Finally we have our forum/website systems including our flight tracking software all of which is designed to give members as many features for them to use as possible. These features are always under development so new features arrive all the time.